Slaughter Free Network was launched in 2018 by Free from Harm, a non profit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping end animal exploitation through grassroots activism and public education. The mission of Slaughter Free Network is to advance a slaughter-free, plant-based food system through grassroots direct action.

If you are interested in getting involved inn the Network, please contact us at [email protected]

Our Core Values

Defiant. We are willing to stand up to a brutal and merciless slaughterhouse industry and its supporters in both the private and public sector.

Vocal. We believe in the importance of using our voices and our constitutional rights to protect them from anti-democratic and oppressive power structures that victimize both humans and non humans.

Nonviolent We confront a violent industry — and the culture that supports that violence, with a nonviolent approach to activism, but our nonviolence is far from pacifism. It is bold, strategic and proactive.

Comprehensive. We are not asking for better slaughterhouses; we are demanding they be closed.

Wholistic. We believe that humans and all species deserve liberation. We cannot claim to value or experience true liberation as we oppress billions of sensitive animals, a principle expressed in Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Intersectional. Slaughterhouses are bad for everyone — animals, workers and communities — and tend to operate in lower-income areas. They have a devastating impact on public health, the planet and even undermine our struggles against prejudice, inequality, injustice, and violence.

Strategic. We work for systemic change by targeting powerful decisionmakers in the public and private sector who have the power to meet our demands and impact millions of human and non human lives.

Accessible. We are inclusive and engaging, seeking common ground with other allies and movements. We especially ally with those who have an interest and an open mind.

Expansive. We continually build public support through our educational and outreach activities, especially in communities most impacted by slaughterhouses.

Authentic. We strive to cultivate healthy, constructive and supportive activist communities that emphasize face-to-face interaction when possible and limit social media to a logistical, recruitment and promotional tool.

Structured. Our City Teams are decentralized yet organized around a common vision and mode of activism.