Aden Poultry Slaughterhouse Action Page

Actions you can take right now

  1. Sign up to get important action alerts and learn how you can get involved!
  2. Join us on Saturday January 23rd at 2pm at Aden Poultry, 2731 W. Lawrence Ave. for protest and leafletting!
  3. Call Chicago Public Health Commissioner Arwady at 312-747-9870 (and leave a message). Then follow up with an email to [email protected]. In your message, please tell her that you were outraged by the SFC footage at Aden Poultry and urge her to act to shut down Aden over repeated violations of the food code rules. More talking points if you want them.
  4. Call and email Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Costello and his assistant Angie Fletcher at (217) 785-4789, urging them to investigate and revoke Aden’s slaughter license due to repeated violations. Then follow up with an email to [email protected] and [email protected].


Slaughter Free Chicago has been monitoring Aden Poultry since 2018 as well as documenting and reporting violations to both city and state officials that have jurisdiction to revoke the license of businesses that repeatedly violate their laws. The most recent investigation at Aden uncovered extreme animal cruelty and unsanitary conditions:

  • Crates of birds covered in encrusted feces, several crates stacked one on top of the other
  • Birds arriving on truck in very poor and overcrowded conditions, some with injuries, splayed legs, hypothermia, and covered in their own waste
  • Birds clearly suffering, some flapping wings continuously in a desperate attempt to be ambulatory
  • Putrid smell and loud sounds of slamming crates creating public nuisance
  • No staff on hand during delivery
  • Truckers hauling birds into a detached, 2-car garage about 50ft. from main facility or leaving them outside
  • Birds presumably housed in this freezing cold and dark garage or back of property overnight, which does not comply to food code rules
  • Birds left in garage or outside at least until the next day, denied food and water and languishing in these miserable and waste-ridden conditions.

The details of our report are supported by our video and photographic footage.