Slaughter Free Network is a dba of Free from Harm, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Free From Harm requires funding for the four key projects listed below and we are giving our donors the ability to select where they would like their gift to go.

Mass Education/Outreach. Since 2009, Free from Harm has been building and proliferating a wide range of vegan and animal rights content to a global online audience. Our body of work is now spread across 550+ web pages and countless social media posts. Beyond education, supporters and the general public are frequently prompted to take calls to action, turning their passive interest into participation.

Plant-Based Food System. Our Koch Foods pressure campaign targets the 5th largest chicken meat producer in the US and its CEO, Joseph Grendys, one of the richest Americans and most powerful figures in our food system. Our goal of transitioning Koch to a plant-based chicken producer will have huge implications for the urgent shift to a plant-based food system needed to mitigate the worsening climate, environmental and animal crisis.

Humanewashing. Humanewashing is perhaps the most effective industry fiction for making consumers feel better about consuming animals and ignore their suffering. Help us expose Jidori Chicken’s humane fraud which advertises as “the Kobe beef of the poultry industry” and “cruelty free,” commanding premium prices from its high end restaurant and hotel clients. Investigators have documented some of the worst animal abuse at Jidori’s LA slaughterhouse we’ve ever seen for 3 years. Our campaign aims to educate Jidori’s high profile customers and urge them to switch to plant-based chicken alternatives.

Slaughterhouse Bans. Help us crack down on the slaughterhouse industry wherever it rears its ugly head. We are fighting for the defeat of newly proposed slaughterhouses as well as restrictions on existing slaughterhouses. Our legislative initiatives and pressure campaigns continue to multiply and succeed, from Chicago to NYC and LA to as far as Uganda!

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