According to the Economic Development Manager at City of Fairfield, Nathaniel Kaelin, the city gifted Koch Foods — owned by billionaire Joseph Grendys — a big tax break: 75% of property taxes for 10 years! With an estimate property value of $12,000,000, Kaelin says that’s worth about $125,000 per year or $1,250,000. Lower and middle income residents will likely see higher taxes to make up the difference.

In addition, Kaelin tells us that the city invested an additional $5,000,000 to build a new sewer line to carry chicken waste and a new water tower to serve Koch Foods and “others.” He says Koch is the largest sewer and water user in Fairfield, but also their second largest employer with 2,000 jobs at Koch’s giant Fairfield factory (though he was not sure what percentage of locals actually have those jobs).

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Koch Foods massive chicken processing plant in Fairfield, Ohio